Why Rainwater?

To supply clean drinking water worldwide in eco-friendly bottles as our global water needs are expanding and changing.

AWD is committed to creating innovative solutions to restore and preserve our fragile environment.

Rainwater is the highest quality water that can be consumed

Rainwater never touches the ground to be contaminated by various salts, man-made byproducts or pesticides. AW Distribution ONLY works with rainwater manufacturers that NEVER use chemicals and that adhere to the highest filtration and bottling standards.

Rainwater harvesting is safe for the environment

Rainwater capture and utilization reduces underground, spring and municipal water demands. This effectively reduces flooding, soil erosion and groundwater contamination. 


Rainwater is the solution to water scarcity

Rainwater can be utilized for drinking, flushing toilets, washing clothes and cars, as well as irrigation needs. Further, large collection tanks can collect enough water to sustain manufacturing operations for long periods of time, even with extreme drought conditions. This can benefit those with historically little rainfall and those in underserved communities.

Rainwater is unique to the body

Rainwater is soft in nature and easily ionized (that means it easily attaches with mineral ions), making it easier to absorb into the body. This means more efficient hydration!


Hands under spicket with running, clean water

Aura Rainwater

Aura Rainwater adds a little extra to your hydration experience. Infused with the vibrations of life’s most energizing words, this bottled rainwater heals and replenishes with every sip.