Delivery Services

We deliver premium Aura Rainwater directly to your home or organization conveniently and affordably.


Provide healthy hydration to your employees and clients on a daily basis with a dispenser full of rainwater. We deliver and install bottom loading hot/cold dispensers and 5 gallon bottles to keep your business hydrated all month long.

Restaurant & Retail

We deliver single-serve water bottles by the case or pallet so that you can offer the world’s best water to your customers. Not sure what your needs are?

Ready to bring Hydration to Your Location?

Give us a call to craft a plan for your unique needs


We are always eager to supply water for events that bring people together. If you have a festival, conference, fundraiser, or any type of public or private event, AW Distribution would love to be involved. We can provide water in single-serve bottles or dispensers, depending on your needs.


Wake up to delicious rainwater on your doorstep. You tell us your water needs and preferred frequency and we bring the water directly to you.

Disaster Relief

Providing clean water for disaster relief and recovery is our passion. We can supply up to 120 pallets per day of emergency water in various configurations.


We clean and refill reusable 5 gallon containers and will collect your single-use bottles and recycle them for you to minimize environmental impact.