Rainwater for the Soul

This is not just bottled water. It quenches. It revives. It heals. Aura Rainwater is designed to have a holistic impact on the mind, body, and soul. Each bottle is infused with a ‘high vibe’ word meant to affect the drinker in a positive way as it aides in the essential act of hydration.


Mind & Body

Water is essential to the optimal function of every cell in the body. Proper hydration leads to a clear mind, bright mood, and strong body. Aura Rainwater is soft in nature and structured to promote efficient and effective hydration.



We have chosen four words that have inherently positive energy and are impactful to the human experience. By sharing these words with you and building them into the structure of the water through vibration, we hope that you will take in these positive frequencies and let them flow through you just as the water does.

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Harvesting rainwater provides the cleanest and purest water there is, while sparing unnecessary environmental impact. By taking advantage of the most natural process of precipitation, everyone reaps the benefit, especially Mother Earth.

Aura Rainwater

Aura Rainwater adds a little extra to your hydration experience. Infused with the vibrations of life’s most energizing words, this bottled rainwater heals and replenishes with every sip.

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Our Story

Aura Rainwater was conceptualized by owner, Alexander Williams, while meditating one morning. Through his knowledge of structured water, water memory and concepts brought forth by Dr. Masaru Emoto, Alexander envisioned and birthed Aura Rainwater. The effects of emotional energy have a large influence on everyone and everything in life – including water! Dr. Emoto’s studies have shown how the inherent nature of positive and negative words can change the physical structure of water.

Aura Rainwater is a sustainable solution that feeds the soul with positive energy and high vibration while contributing to the elevation of the collective consciousness.

The frequency of one of four words (Gratitude, Peace, Joy, Love) has been imprinted into the structure of the water through its innate vibrational pattern. Every bottle provides your body with a unique opportunity for elevation, as well as hydration.

Our Mission

Aura Rainwater’s desire is for every human to not only have access to water but to know its true power. This is why a portion of all proceeds support the protection of water across the globe.