Rainwater products delivered with a mission to hydrate those in need while being kind to our planet

Hydration with a Mission


Our children are our future! AW
Distribution is committed to educational workshops and programs that highlight the importance of rainwater, hydration, and the environment. Contact us for information on our Water Day Program.


Clean water should not be a privilege. AW works to make this ideal a reality.  Reach out for details on how we serve our community and aid during disaster recovery.


We are all about local, as well as global, environmental impact! AWD supports the protection of watersheds, aquifers and all natural water resources. Have a conservation intiative or program? We’d love to support you!


We offer discounts on bottled rainwater and water dispenser equipment to non-profit organizations, primary schools and universities. Go Green! All companies are eligible for discounts by going entirely green.

Exclusively & Inclusively Rainwater

AWD is the first and only company to focus exclusively on distributing rainwater. We take great pride in inclusively supplying clean water worldwide as our global water needs are expanding and changing. Rainwater is a sustainable solution to water scarcity, even in conditions of severe drought. We seek to increase access to pure, clean rainwater in all communities.

Why Rainwater?

Rainwater is the highest quality water that can be consumed. It is a sustainable solution to reducing demands on underground, spring, and municipal water sources.

Rainwater Delivery

We deliver premium triple-filtered rainwater directly to your organization conveniently and affordably. Now serving Offices, Events, Stores & Restaurants.

Aura Rainwater

Aura Rainwater adds a little extra to your hydration experience. Infused with the vibrations of life’s most energizing words, this bottled rainwater heals and replenishes with every sip.